Marvin Side-by-Side (SxS) is feature-wise identical to Marvin and is designed to let you run a second instance of Marvin.

  • Keep a separate library (great for shared devices in the family)
  • SxS libraries can be protected using a password and Touch ID
  • Read or study two books side-by-side using Slide Over and Split View (Marvin on one side, SxS on the other)
  • Easily transfer books to and from Marvin

Check out Marvin's impressive feature list to see all the things that SxS can do.


  • Marvin opens DRM-free EPUB books with basic support for EPUB 3
  • Marvin opens DRM-free CBR and CBX comics
  • Dropbox support requires a Dropbox account

If you're into DRM-free books, we've worked hard to make Marvin the best way to enjoy them.

(available for iPhone and iPad)

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